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Benchmark CultureBlox Platform


Our Universal CultureBlox Platform is a pre-built version of our platform based on 10 key behaviours proven to make a difference to businesses and individuals in all markets and roles. All of our class leading functionality is available, providing a quick and cost-effective way to get insightful feedback on your culture and start building for future success. It is suitable for:


  • Individuals seeking a great source of feedback in order to get ahead of the competition for their next promotion
  • Organisations at the start of their culture building journey, looking for initial insight
  • Smaller organisations requiring access to a proven culture benchmarking platform


In addition, all individual culture alignment scores are compared to the benchmark of all the people that have used the Benchmark CultureBlox Platform. You can buy any number of individual licences from us today.

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For Organisations


Bespoke CultureBlox Platform


All of our class leading functionality, but with your bespoke behaviour framework built right in. We can help you build your organisational hierarchy into the platform, and we can include bespoke parameters by which you can analyse outcomes in our analytics tools (age, tenure, location etc) as well as put your own corporate logos and messaging inside the platform. It is suitable for:


  • Larger organisations
  • Organisations of any size that wish to create their own behaviour framework, or get real benefit from ones already produced


Benchmarking is done within each individual organisation, giving greater insight into individual and group progress.

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Workshops & E-learning


Our behaviour focused training continually gets great client and delegate feedback, with 77% of all delegates rating their course 9/10 or 10/10 in 2018. We are proud of our delivery ethos - building a foundation of theory, allowing time for real life reflection, and then embedding the individual learning with real life practice, as we believe it forms the strongest roots for real and lasting behaviour change in your employees. Whether or not you use our platform, our training can make the world of difference to your employees and your culture.

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One of the most effective ways to effect a lasting change in behaviours is through one to one coaching. From junior employees, through promising stars of the future, and all the way to FTSE 100 Executives, CultureBlox coaching has helped all kinds of people shed the issues that are holding them back and allowed them to embed new thinking and behaviours into their work and personal lives, with new levels of personal effectiveness a huge benefit to employer and employee.

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