The CultureBlox Platform

Personalised network

Your personalised network

Each employee begins by building their own personal feedback network, which could include peers, colleagues, managers, direct reports and even external stakeholders. These are the people who will be asked to contribute to the employee’s profile with observations and commentary relating to your desired organisational behaviours. The network is managed entirely within the platform, with connection requests and network management all simply done online.

Real-time feedback and insight

Feedback is the guiding principle of Cultureblox. It is key to allowing your employees to understand how often they are observed displaying your desired behaviours. It also encourages individuals to take personal responsibility for seeking and acting upon feedback. Employees can at any time request and receive relevant and timely feedback specific to some or all of your behaviours to help them develop themselves and build your ideal culture.

Real time feedback


Our at-a-glance dashboard gives you headline metrics to help you focus on your cultural journey. This unique analytical solution gives you deep insight into the levels of Culture Alignment and Feedback Engagement for yourself and your teams, ensuring you have the right level of information to create ongoing momentum.

Review and reflect

Employee-level insight means that individuals can review their feedback, and their overall Culture Alignment score, whenever they choose. Individuals can sort responses by specific behaviours or scores and bring the feedback to life by viewing verbatim comments to help focus their attention on actionable development opportunities.

Review and reflect


Understand your organisational culture further by drilling down your organisational hierarchy. View departmental, team and even individual profiles to gain powerful insights into your most and least aligned areas, and use the data to help design actionable development plans. You can also analyse your levels of Culture Alignment through different lenses such as age, tenure and location.

Take advantage of our simple colour-coded heatmap, which quickly shows you the areas of maximum opportunity meaning you can target your interventions efficiently and effectively to boost your Culture Alignment plans.

Track Feedback Engagement

To ensure your employees are maximising the benefits of the CultureBlox platform, each is measured on a ‘Feedback Engagement Index’. This aggregated score shows the extent to which individuals are utilising the platform to request and receive feedback, provide feedback to others and develop their personal feedback network. As a management tool, this can be combined to provide a full view of Feedback Engagement for a team, department or even your whole organisation.

Feedback and engagement

Creating action out of insight

When the need for action arises, you can quickly log this from wherever you are in the platform. Just create the action, the support you need and your personal deadline and it will be added straight to your action plan. From here, you’ll be able to edit and update your plan as you progress, as well as even email your actions to those whose support you need. Managers can maintain action plans for both their own and their team’s development, driving oversight and accountability for improvement.

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